Friday, June 11, 2010

I am an enigma unto myself

I am an enigma unto myself.
Who lives behind these dull orbs of bright blue?
Someone or something I don't even know.
Who is this "I" I keep referring to?

I am an enigma unto myself.
I do things and say things I don't understand.
Strange thoughts race around inside my head.
Is it ever possible to know me?

I am an enigma unto myself.
I look in the mirror, and wonder who
Could be staring back at me. A stranger
Who's vaguely familiar. Is it really me?

I am something no one can comprehend.
In that respect I'm no different from you.

I bestow these words on the unworthy

I bestow these words on the unworthy.
Everything I have I will give. Nothing
Will be held back. A deluge pours from my
Pen. It becomes a flood from which no one
Can survive. Everyone will drown in these
Words. And I will be the only one left--
A lone mountaintop amidst an ocean.

Welcome to my unconscious, you shadows.
How does it feel to be vague images
Conjured up only in my dreams? I dream
You into existence. I open my
Eyes and you are gone. You are no longer
Real. Reality exists only in
Me. I am complete. I am the universe.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am a mountain: immense, majestic

I am a mountain: immense, majestic,
Serene. I sit and watch those attempting
To scale me and fail. No one can climb
My hyperborean heights and survive.

They haven't a clue as to what I know.
My intellect is inescapable,
Vast. Whole galaxies are swallowed complete.
Everything is comprehended in its

Entirety. Nothing remains unknown.
Gods bow down before me in abject fear.
I know them all too well. Their pitiful
Creations hold no wonder for me. Their

Most pathetic invention, man, is a
Dog barking at whatever comes his way.

It's been five days since I've writ anything

It's been five days since I've writ anything;
Five days pure hell, unendurable hell.
If I could urge my Muse to sometimes sing
Could I escape from this infernal cell?

Oh, what I wouldn't give for lovely words!
Discovering the beauty in all things.
Like as to the songs of prophetic birds
Delightfully announcing coming Spring.

Would that I could approach their loveliness
Responsive to all nature, bright and true.
Incorporating their spontaneous,
Tender ministrations, blessed anew.

Enduring all troubles I'll ever try.
If only I could coax my words to fly.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sonnet to Satan II

I wish to live forever and a day
Will come when I expect to find the clue
To immortality. I know the way
Must lie in making a blood pact with you.

But how to conjure up your awful face
Is difficult; it's not an easy task.
I've always tried to please your evil grace;
Just grant my wish, that's all I'll ever ask.

I've built dread temples honoring your name
And made them reek with virgin sacrifice.
No matter what I did you never came.
What more unholy plans must I devise?

Writing this poem has taken its toll.
Somewhere along these lines I've lost my soul.

Sonnet to Satan I

If seven deadly sins corrupt the soul,
Then mine must be impenetrably black.
To do evil has been my only goal.
What sins have you committed that I lack?

What did you do but refuse to serve man?
You wanted to serve only God instead.
And for your love God decided to ban
You from revolving 'round his holy head.

But I, however, worship only one
True god, and that true god is Me.
I spit upon the cross of his bright son.
I've never known mundane humility.

How much more deserving am I than you
To hold your name and your dominions rule.

Tell me your secrets, divulge everything

Tell me your secrets, divulge everything.
I wish to know of all your wants, desires.
Feel free to lose yourself completely, cling
To me; I'll consume you in passion's fire.

Why do you hesitate? Are you afraid?
Be not afraid, I will take care of you.
Let the flames over your body cascade
And burn away all pain, leaving no clue.

Of your former self, nothing will remain.
Then you will be reborn, immaculate.
Shining so brightly, as a newborn star.
From my love a new universe you'll gain.

Then I'll be as a planet orbiting
Around your loving life-sustaining light.