Friday, June 11, 2010

I am an enigma unto myself

I am an enigma unto myself.
Who lives behind these dull orbs of bright blue?
Someone or something I don't even know.
Who is this "I" I keep referring to?

I am an enigma unto myself.
I do things and say things I don't understand.
Strange thoughts race around inside my head.
Is it ever possible to know me?

I am an enigma unto myself.
I look in the mirror, and wonder who
Could be staring back at me. A stranger
Who's vaguely familiar. Is it really me?

I am something no one can comprehend.
In that respect I'm no different from you.


  1. Very profound musing... i enjoyed it!

    Good day!

  2. Mayhap it's an *age thing*.
    There are times when my name escapes me.
    It comes to most of us.
    Never mind. Forget it.
    I always do.
    Do what?